About me

About me

My name is Tanja Brill.
Since childhood I‘ve had a passion to study the human body and to explain the complexity of the physical systems in an simple way for everyone to understand.

My second passion is for foreign languages, English and French, eventually I would like to learn Spanish, Russian and Chinese. By trade I am a bilingual secretary because I thought I should persue my passion, not realizing I had more than one passion. However, after some time and several jobs later, I understood that being in an office as a secretary is not my cup of tea . I’ve come to realize that my greater passion is having personal contact with people in Germany, and other countries, helping them to understand the link between health, nutrition and the physical body. Some years ago I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior und since then I have finally understood, that the human health is first based on the spiritual level, then on the soul level and last on the physical level.

Thus, when the spirit of the human being is not filled with the love of God /Jesus, the most important part is missing.
You do not feel loved . This leads to all kinds of soulish or psychological problems, which surface in the body after some time. You do not love yourself and look for things to cover this dissatisfaction in the soul. Then little by little this surfaces in the physical as a signal (dis-ease to sickness).

Sickness is the result.
In the English language this is well expressed : dis – ease.
With my page I would like to speak to people, who do want to change and also understand - be it spiritual (through Jesus), soul (psychological problems) or body (physical sickness) - that there must be an action involved on their side including nutritional changes as well to become healthier again. The body needs healthy spiritual food, soul food and body/physical food. At this time I am only advising and not offering any products but I would like to mention links to other websites, to give the opportunity, to be informed about good products and to purchase if desired.


In this section I would like to introduce you to my faith
in God or Heavenly Daddy as I always say.

God, as every area of my life belongs to Him, and Heavenly Daddy, because He is always there
for me and takes care of me, as one would expect from any earthly daddy.
I say (Heavenly) Daddy, because in this world there are many gods and a “god” is so many
different things to many different people. But a daddy represents a part of a family.  
Even if your daddy was never there for you or you never knew your daddy or if your daddy did
horrible things to you. Your Heavenly Daddy is always full of  joy over you, when you come to
Him and is always there for you, day and night to help, to comfort and enjoy your presence
This is the Heavenly Daddy I know. He is always the same and never changes. HE is never angry
about you. He corrects only through his Word in love. God, the Father, who is now my Daddy,
has introduced me to His Son Jesus, who has given His life for me, so that I am not only saved,
BUT that I can have a personal heart relationship with Him. In his word, that is the Old and the
New Testament (His Will for me). HE declares his love for his “human being”, whom He made,
to have a family to love (1. John 4,10)
HE made the earth, so that we may have a habitat to live in with everything that we need. Thus
He first made the earth and then he made human beings (Genesis chapter 1+2). 

I do not know of anyone who made or invented something, and is not proud about it or is
full of  joy over it. And in the same way, the Creator enjoyes His creation ( human beings).
I am convinced, that the word of God ( the bible)  is the Truth. I am also convinced, that as
the word of God says,  Jesus is the “ living word of God”, through which every thing was made,
which was made (Revelation 19,13, Hebrews 11,3 , Hebrews 1,3)

In the Old Testament, Jesus was announced centuries before his birth by many prophets, that he 
would be born of a virgin. I find her, the virgin, to be extremely courageous : the New Testament 
says  her name is Mary.Extremely courageous, as at that time, an unmarried pregnant virgin woman 
was stoned to death. And this was the set time by Daddy for His Son Jesus Christ to be born 
supernaturally, because virgin Mary had to make the decision to say “yes” for the Holy Spirit to be
able to come upon her to plant the “living Word Jesus” into her womb.
Daddy had to overcome many hindrances, so that Jesus could be born, because He had to be born by 
a virgin. These great hinderances alone are miracles. A miracle is in my opinion a fact that cannot 
be explained by the human mind. In the word of God, it is written, that also a cousin of Mary named 
Elisabeth was pregnant, who could not become pregnant because she was barren. This was another big 
encouragement for Mary, that she was really pregnant with “a miracle baby Jesus”.
I have great respect for Mary, that she received this task of birthing Jesus into this world by 
simple faith. This situation can hardly be imagined , as we live  in completely different circumstances 
today, which we view as normal. At that time, there was no artificial insemination available or other 
helps to get pregnant. 

After I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior into my heart,
I have made many good but also many bad experiences on my faith journey. 
Today, nobody can convince me anymore, that God does not exist or that Jesus is a Fake.
He helped me out of many horrible situations, when I had already given up on life.
I have to admit, that I mostly brought myself into these situations, but
He showed me despite my disobedience, that He loves me so much, that He has forgiven me.
He brought me out of these situations and has healed me and made me new.
He taught me to look only to HIM and not to people – otherwise I would 
have lost my faith and would have given up, as mainly Christians have hurt me badly and
disappointed me, not so with the non- believers. But we are not to look to people and have
expectations towards them, we are to look to HIM and trust HIM alone. I admit that those
situations have hurt me deeply and it took the strength and comfort of  the Holy Spirit
(the Spirit of Jesus) to overcome the pain, but because of Him I became better, and not bitter.
If I do something out of myself, it is doomed anyway.
I have mainly trusted the wrong people and fell flat on my face – but Jesus always held me up
and comforted me and gave me the  strength to forgive and walk on with Him. He also
comforted me over the fact that I could never have children.
Because of this I understand , why Daddy wanted to have a family, which He has now through
Jesus which grows daily. If Jesus would not have gone to the cross, by His own free will
(Luke 19,10; John. 3,17), Daddy would  not have a family today and that was His heart: a big
family, to whom He can always show His love and to whom He can have a heart relationship
and talk to daily.as a loving family should.

Regarding the Old Testament, I again want to „explain“ why Jesus had to be born, die and be 
resurrected. Daddy has created the human being with a free will, because He did not want to 
have a robot, but a counterpart, a person whom He could love and live with the same way with 
a free will. So He created Adam (the human  being) with a free will and gave him the choice 
to either return Daddy’s love for him OR to reject
it (as everyone knows, love cannot be 
forced upon someone). For a certain time – the bible does not say how long – everything was good. 
But as everyone knows, one’s own  free will can bring us into situations, where we do egoistical 
things, which have nothing to do with love (God’s love = agape love). 
At one time, Adam and His wife Eve (I will not go deeper into this right now for time and space 
sake, only that God made Eve out of Adam’s rib) were egoistic and did not listen to Daddy but to 
the fallen  angel satan (whose former name was Lucifer).
Since their rebellion (the fall of man)  all family born to Adam and Eve have been born  into 
spiritual death. The earth and all creation came under satan’s dominion and  lies, first spiritually 
and soulish , this situation went on for some time until physical/bodily death of man came.

The spirit and the soul live forever – this is what the Word of God says – and this is what 
I believe. Which way it is going to be – through receiving Jesus before one’s  physical death, with 
Jesus in Heaven or through rejecting the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, then with satan, as he can 
still keep people on the “dark side” through his construction of lies.
This is why the world is as evil  as it is and is getting worse and worse , as there are many people, 
who do not believe Jesus and do not want to receive Jesus into their  heart, which is their personal 
decision to do or not to do (free will/choice – Daddy never forces anyone). They do as they please 
and under their hunger for power and destruction, people suffer until today.

After Adam and Eve became spiritually dead and therefore separated from Daddy.
HE, because He loves us so much, had a plan to get us back spiritually (2.Corinthians 5,17-21).

This could only be done through the birth of a human being, who was without sin however
also born with a free will. This had to be through the above mentioned miracle, as there are
spiritual laws, which Daddy had to establish at the very beginning of creation, so that
everything works perfectly together. 
This world exists through laws (physical, chemical, biological, spiritual laws, etc.)
This miracle was possible by a virgin birth, through the Word of God, which was received by
Mary’s faith. The Word became flesh, as it is written in the Word of God (John. 1,14).
Words are powerful and spoken in faith – if good or bad – manifest or come into existence.
This can be seen everywhere in this world – mostly unfortunately in the  negative.
What we really believe in the depth of our heart (not in our organ heart), the part of the heart
where our personality comes from, and what we then speak, comes to pass and we see it all
around us. This is why it is so important to check our heart and believe only good in our heart,
and to speak only those good words so that they can manifest. 
The Word of God even gives us those good words, so that we do not have to think about what is
good and what is bad. Daddy loves us so much, HE only wants good for us, as a good Daddy
wants for His family.
If we do not listen to Him, we will hurt until we listen. Like the parents on earth want their
children not to hurt but listen to them. Daddy wants us to come back to HIM so He can embrace
us again and love us through our mostly (but not always) self-inflicted situations.
This world is a fallen world and very often cruel things happen, whose author is satan, who only
wants to kill, steal and destroy us. He hates human beings, because they are made in the image
of God. But also here, I have very often made the experience, that Daddy would carry me lovingly
through all situations, IF I allowed Him to.

This is often very painful, but if we allow Him to carry us through these terrible times, and we
have been carried THROUGH these times, on the other side, there is His wonderful goodness
and His good plan for every single one of us who love Jesus. Otherwise our life is marked by
the negative side in us.

I would also like to share another experience or revelation, so that we can understand, 
why Daddy had His Word written down for us. The following is the more „righteous or legal side“, 
on which the entire earth is based, as mentioned above : such as scientific, spiritual laws 
and common sense.
If you believe in God or Daddy, then the Word of God is His Will and His Love for us.
Otherwise HE would not have made the effort, to tell us through words – the bible – what He has 
done for us and why. Then the people, who died for the bible (the Word of God) , because 
they believed in HIM, would not have died for their faith. God has made great efforts to 
demonstrate His love for us (He gave His ALL, His Son for us). The greatest thing a human 
being can do, is to give his life for another human being, because this is all he has – his life.

This is why Jesus‘s death on the cross and his resurrection is so great, and if we do not know 
why Jesus gave himself, of His free will, it would be hard to understand. 
THIS IS why I stand in greatest awe and worship, that the sinless Son of God, as a human 
being, gave his life for all people, who were ever born and will ever be born on this earth
This is the reason, it is written in the Word of God - God wanted a family – many children 
to shower with His love. HE IS LOVE.....(Joh. 4,7-21)


More explanations from the Word of God :
According to the Word of God, the bible, the human being is a spirit, has a soul and lives in a body, 
to be able to live on the earth.
I have understood that God sees us through Jesus, if we invite Him into our heart and believe in Him, 
He does not see our fallen nature any more, with which we were born.HE has given us the 
„legal“responsibility for this earth (Genesis 1:28).
This is right at the beginning of the bible. He wanted a human being, with a free will, as already 
mentioned above, so that this human being (we) can decide, whether he wants to return Daddy’s love 
to him (us) or not. Therefore, we have no right to say that HE is to blame for everything that is 
evil, as we human beings have been given ALL responsibility on the earth from Him. 
We are responsible for everything good and bad on this earth through our words and deeds. If we do 
not take HIS words from the bible and speak them, nothing good can come out of our mouths.
HE cannot contradict himself. HE also cannot take back the responsibility He gave us, because 
everything HE says is VALID and IRREVOCABLE. He cannot take back anything, as the earth was made 
through His Word (Acts. 4,24; Psalm. 124,8). If He would take anything back, the earth would 
self-destruct, as everything was done by HIM and is upheld by HIM (Hebrews. 11:3).
I am convinced, that if Jesus would not have taken our place on the cross, it would not have been 
possible for any human being to ever see or experience God’s goodness and have a personal heart 
relationship with HIM or Jesus, as this is only possible through our faith in what Jesus has done 
for us. No other human being or “god” has given his life for me and showed me how much he loves me, 
even before I could love him. His love was there for us first; otherwise we could not love Him or 
believe in Him. No other human being, neither before Jesus or after Jesus was without sin and could 
therefore also not take His place. This could only be done by a perfect “Lamb”, this is another name
of Jesus, the lamb that came to take away  the sin of the whole world (John 1,29; Ephesians. 1,7).

It again and again grips my heart to know, that Jesus went to the cross of his own free will for each 

and every one of us, knowing that many people would not accept Him as their personal Lord and Savior 
and would therefore be lost forever. This is what the bible says and I believe it. 
No human being is perfect except Jesus, but through receiving Him into my heart, God looks at me 
as perfect. That is so big – this is worth taking time to meditate on. 
Further explanations regarding the Blood of Jesus, which was shed for everyone who receives it.
As in many beliefs around the world, blood is the elixir of life and it had to be shed, so that we 
could be freed and cleansed from the sin of the fall of man 
(Adam and Eve who went against what God told them not to do).
By receiving His shed blood we can again have a heart relationship with Daddy (Daddy is Holy and Pure)  
(2. Corinthians. 5,17-21). This is very important to understand.
Jesus was sown by Daddy like a seed and therefore received lots of children : sons and daughters. 
As like a farmer sows seed – the kernel seed is given into the earth and dies and out of it comes 
fruit with lots of more kernels – we can become Daddy’s children through Jesus death.

Jesus has shed his blood for us and went to the cross for us and died for us, so that we do not have to.
He has taken our punishment upon himself. As He was the only sinless man that ever lived, He was  also 
the only one who could do this for us. We can therefore joyfully take Jesus as Daddy’s gift for us. 
Actually, it should go without saying that such an exclusive present should be taken with 
thanksgiving….but we do have a free will….. 

We may receive Jesus’ righteousness as our own. If we do not, we have to face the punishment
for our sin ourselves after our death 
(to receive this we must SAY so, when we are dead, we cannot speak any more). 
When a person commits a crime he himself goes to jail, or possibly someone else could take the 
punishment for him and pay the fine.
An example in court:
We have committed a crime/offense, i.e. wrong parking.
We have to go to court and face a sentence or pay a high fine.
At the beginning, however, we can see that the judge is our father and we are already happy, 
because we think, he will let us go unfined. However, the judge must act according to the law; 
first listen to the attorney, the prosecutor and the witnesses. According to the law, the judge 
must rule against us, because we have committed a crime and must pay, i.e. the fine for the wrong 
parking. We are very disappointed…..however, after the fining has been ruled the judge goes around 
his desk and takes off his judge robe, takes out his wallet and pays the fine. Oh, how happy we are! 
HE  PAYS  FOR OUR DEBT and we are free to go..
THIS  IS  DADDY  -  HE loves us so much, that if we believe in Jesus His Son and what Jesus did for 
us on the cross – HE has paid our debt and we can receive His righteousness, otherwise we have to 
pay our own  debt. I think, if we have understood this example, we are very grateful and accept that 
Jesus has completely paid our debt.

It overwhelms me every time, when I think about what Jesus suffered for me out of love, so that 
I can have a personal Daddy-child-relationship with HIM.

Maybe you are someone looking for this kind of true love and if you have read down this far, 
I think that you are. If you want to tell this to Jesus, why don’t you do so and speak aloud 
the following with your whole heart 
(and if you want to, you can tell me about your decision to do so as well):

„Heavenly Father,I come to You in the Name of Jesus. Your Word says, 
„Whosoever shall call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved” and “if  you shall confess with your 
mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you 
shall be saved (Acts 2:21, Romans 10:9. You said my salvation would be the result of your 
Holy Spirit giving me new birth by coming to live in me with Your Spirit and give me the ability 
to speak in tongues. (Luke 11:13, Acts 2-4). Therefore I take you  at your word, I confess that 
Jesus  is Lord, and I believe in my heart, that You raised him from the dead. Thank you for coming 
into my heart, for  giving me  Your Holy Spirit as You have promised, and  for being Lord over 
my life. Amen.” (Romans 10:9-11, John 1;12)

Welcome in Daddy’s family. He is full of joy over your decision (Zephaniah 3:17) 
His family has grown by another son or daughter. To read more about His great love for you, start 
reading the New Testament in the book of John.

As children of God we can also ask to receive the Holy Spirit, who gives us the strength to live 
by faith
, as you have already spoken by your above confession. (By faith means to believe what the
word of God says is true). He is the representative of Jesus on the earth and helps us in everything
whenever we ask Him to.Since His resurrection, Jesus is sitting in Heaven on the right side of Daddy
and has sent His Holy Spirit into our hearts. When Jesus was on the earth, He could only be present
at one place. Now with the Holy Spirit in us, He is in every believer’s heart around the earth, 
as a representative of Jesus. (Acts 1:8)

I will go on writing about myself, more experiences and revelation /understanding from the word of God.
An e-book edition in PDF format can shortly be downloaded .
More information >>>


Relaxing for the soul or psyche is different for everybody.
(I will now explain the Soul)

I have taken a picture of a blue grey ocean, a rock in the front and a beautiful face for my website, because this picture represents the ocean of life with waves (problems) coming in again and again. However, there is a big Rock in the breakers (for me this Rock is Jesus) and a beautiful face, because God’s creation represents beauty for me.

Beauty in spirit, soul and body.

I can quiet my soul in this picture, I know I am protected by my Jesus.

This rock has withstood those breakers and will always withstand those breakers,
no matter how many breakers come.

The soul needs to rest, so that the body does not get damaged.

This picture has movement, but at the same time represents peace. The face, or the thoughts, may come to rest.
This is why many people visit the ocean to find rest from the breakers of life.

Take time for yourself – quiet time – let the soul relax.
If you want to, you can tell me how you come into rest.

We do have need of rest in today’s time.

BUT - it is possible……let yourself get drawn into the world of rest and peace…….allow yourself to dream
again and come to rest.


In this section, I want you to understand your body better,
the systems and correlations inside your body and to help
you to have better health.

Once we understand how the body functions,
we can also understand why the body reacts the way
it does and how to support it to come into
a healthier balance, naturally.

Sometimes it takes longer and sometimes a couple of small
changes will soon show good success.

For many years it is my passion to help people with their problems
and show them the way to their physical balance.

If we understand that the body heals itself und most of the time
just needs a little help, then there is new hope.

Coaching / Videocall

You have problems and cannot see the tree
in the forest?

You are overwhelmed and need advice and encouragment?
You fight symptoms and have tried and tried to get rid of them? 
The German medicine system has failed you?
You don’t get it and feel lost?

Do not give up, contact me.
Maybe I have the information you need to heal your body
and feel good in your body, again ?
Book a coaching call.

You can contact me by email and book a coaching session. 
I coach by telephone, Telegram, by Whatsapp video,
by skype and soon by Zoom,

Coaching session per hour EUR 60,-
Payable by paypal coaching@beautytemple.de or 
bank transfer (prepayment)

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